The Coming Darkness

Capture and the Fall of Friends
Sarris is... was... a butt

With the winds of destiny The Lady Jake rose from the depths of Technum Maxima as a great beast roared its challenge to the world.

Piloting their new machine, the party quickly discovers she holds a powerful arsenal of weapons and unleash it on the Destroyer of Worlds. After a fierce, albeit short, and brutal fight. Moradin the Devourer was slain.

While piqued and curious about some of their ships functions, the party makes good on their word and flies her straight back to Boddynock. There they find the true story of The Lady Jake and learn that it is, in fact, a large, tamed Mimic. The most ancient of its kind it took the form of a galleon as its final guise. Learning how to appease the creature, Fen with her history of sailing, communes with it. Striking an agreement and warning Welthan of rubbing himself against the deck, the monstrosity agrees to assist the party with their quests.

Flying on from Boddynock and back to Phandalin, the Radiant Shadows are met with great adulation from cheering crowds and old friends. Ever the philanthropist, Valuken attempts to have his “magical” dragon pelvis fabricated into a weapon. Wizard, understanding the truth of the matter, encourages him to continue with seeking someone powerful enough to craft it as required.

Celebrations kick off and the party settle back into the bat cave and spend some time recovering from the gruelling events of the past week when the most… unexpected occurs.

A retinue of armed Drow assassins moves through the darkness and one by one, as the party members find themselves alone, are poisoned and captured.

Awaking deep underground in a Drow outpost named Velkynvelve, the group quickly takes in their surroundings and size up their enemies.
Befriending fellow prisoners, they learn the nature of the way the base operates and where the most likely place their goods might be stored. Mid conversation, the lead of the captors with his steel masked face appears and makes it clear, in no uncertain terms, that he is not to be trifled with.
He grabs the closest and rowdiest prisoner, a hulking orc, and to prove his power, sacrifices him. Cruelly striking him down and feeding him to giant spiders, the Radiant Shadows see for the first time the true cruelty and brutality of the Drow. Welthan, most uncomfortable with his current situation, feels as though there is some familiarity about the Steel Masked Drow.

A disgruntled guard offers his help to the party when suddenly, strange flying beasts descend upon the outpost. Garius, the ever learning Wizard, recognises these beasts to be demons. As the fight intensifies between the Drow and the Demons, the party makes their move to escape. All successfully shed their bonds, except Valuken, who appears to have trouble with the locks and his missing fingers.

Slipping quietly through the facility the group is quick to find their equipment and fight off one of the priestesses of Lolth within her quarters. Garius, enraged at being captured sets everything flammable alight… Everything. The Steel masked stranger is still at large. The other prisoners, in sheer terror flee towards the south gate as quick as they are able. Emerging from the barracks the Radiant Shadows run head first into a small band of Drow Elite Warriors lead by the Steel Masked character.
As fighting breaks out, Welthan, driven by an old rage heads straight for the leader. Blighted by swarms of demonic locusts the party is forced to deal with the elite bodyguard unit before confronting their captor. Verocious fighting ensues as the party attempts to make their way towards their escape. Valuken attempts to wade in amongst a number of foes and is swiftly cut down by accurate strikes and succumbs to the potent Drow poison that coats their weapons. The group, frantic with seeing their Paladin cut down, attempt to make it to his aid. Sadly, Valuken bleeds out and the poison overcomes him before help arrives. His last breath passes as Garius warns Welthan of who the Steel masked man may be. Welthan now driven mad by his rage throws caution to the wind and charges. Cut down by magic forces he is swiftly revived by Thea.
With his guards defeated, Welthan grapples the stranger to the ground. Finally revealed to be Welthans cruel brother Sarris, he is questioned with regards to the whereabouts of their mother. Cursing Welthan and refusing to give up the information, his patience expires and Welthan beheads his brother.
All the while, the party searches for a means to raise Valuken. Fen, realising she has a bag of magic beans, places one in the mouth of Valuken and hopes beyond all hope that he arises. Alas, a fully grown fruit tree in full blossom appears out of his head. Not ones to be perturbed, the party bags the fruit as Drow reinforcements arrive, all of them Elite.
Fen collects Valukens body, Welthan gathers himself with the support of Garius and Thea and they flee for the Chasm floor. A Young Dwarven lady sacrifices herself to assist the party and hold off the guards as long as possible.
Finally reaching the floor of the cavern, the group heads off to the closest landmark. Shushar the Awakened, leads them into the darkeness and on towards The Dark Lake. Out of the shadows behind them a horn blares, and a booming, clearly Drow voice shouts after the party that they will be pursued and they will pay for cutting down their beloved Sarris… For the first time the Radiant Shadows are alone, they flee, and their fate is unknown.

Deep in the back of his mind, Garius feels a sense of foreboding. A sense that his visions bear some relevance to this turn of events… The unknown awaits all…

The Race at Technum Maxima
Mindflayers need naps too.

On arrival at Technum Maxima the party realises that all is not well.

The main doors have been blasted apart and sit smouldering upon the ground. Small piles of ashes litter the exterior of the ruined complex and puts everyone on edge.

Once inside, their first encounter with a Modron occurs. He informs them that someone has already entered the mines ahead of them and is moving quickly through the gauntlet. Via a remote viewing spell, the party sees a powerful mindflayer, Zellix, fighting giant snails. As such the group wastes no time in diving head first through the doors and on into the unknown.

Battling giant flail snails and dour fae beasts the challenges are passed one by one. Fen takes on a level of madness believing she is the strongest of anyone in the party and can easily best any challenge of strength while Valuken licks a foul smelling fluid and finds himself suddenly buoyant and floating on the ceiling. Thinking their way through riddles the group takes a beating.

Moving on the group discovers an interesting warrior intent on letting none pass. He is swiftly dismembered and the party descends to the lowest levels of Technum Maxima.

Finding a swathe of bodies filling a large atrium the group moves cautiously on wards. After a short walk, they find their quarry, Zellix sitting cross legged infuriated with a logic puzzle. After attempting it themselves and look as though they will be successful, Zellix starts to stir and show signs of aggression. He lets slip to the group that they are too late to stop the rise of Moradin and he shall rejoice as the world burns, though the party wont be alive to see it.
Garius, slow to anger but quick to action… swiftly puts Zellix to sleep.

After solving the last puzzle in a long line of riddles. The party finally finds The Lady Jake.

An old pirate galleon sits dormant and in dry dock. With some swift thinking and careful observation of carvings within Technum Maxima, the group discovers how to operate the ship.
As it rises through an aged cavern, large doors open above the ship and she flies into the air for the first time in centuries. The party rejoices as they revel in their new found toy and a large Demilich Dragon rises from its grave a short distance away.
Moradin vows to kill all in his path and focuses on the ship… The party prepare for battle, Valuken is leashed to the side of the ship to prevent him floating away and the fate of the Faerun is in the hands of The Radiant Shadows…

Let Battle Begin.

The Boddynock Bank Dilemma

Deciding to try and scope out the bank, the party heads to Boddynock Bank. At the very worst, the least they could do is let the Boddynocks know about Drukt and thwart his plans.

After a short and uneventful journey, they come across the gate keeper, Pogrim. He is dubious of their story and wild claims but thinks it has merit enough to warrant entry and discussion with the Commanders of the bank. Oddly, the party notices that the fields surrounding the bank are full of odd stone sculptures, as though people had been frozen in place.

Once inside, the nature of the bank becomes slightly clearer. Nefarious characters roam its halls along with the innocent and naive. Given the level of lethal security, it becomes obvious that the majority of the business here is clandestine and likely illegal. Either way the group enters and after a brief tour are met by Commanders Valybar and Gorim. They too are suspicious of the claims made and are about to dismiss it as mere hysteria when the Radiant Shadows offer to prove themselves to add credibility to their claims.
As it so happens, the Commanders have a small problem with a Medusa, hence the statues out the front and its proving bad for business. Giving the party Mirror Shields, their latest invention, they head out to the Fetid Swamp nearby to vanquish this foe.

Along the way the party is besieged on all sides by swarms of poisonous snakes and tremendous constrictors. Not easily put off, they fight their way to an old run down well (an old chimney) leading into a sunken and corrupted church. Once inside they knew they were hot on the trail with more statues littering the building. Some statues of adventurers fleeing, others in preparation for battle and some in their final moments of life after being mortally wounded. Pressing on, the stairs give way beneath their feet and forces the Radiant Shadows into a pit of acid. Scrambling out, they carefully pick their way through more statues to find that hidden amongst them are gargoyles. Again, beset on all sides the party fights for their life. Triumphant, Valuken looks to loot the area and gain reward for their efforts. Rushing forward and ahead of the group he seizes an ancient hammer and becomes frozen in place. Rapidly turning to stone Garius valiantly cuts off the afflicted appendages in time to save Valukens life. Albeit, a life with 3 fingers less.
Some further exploration turns up a library filled with old tomes and one in particular catches Garius’ eye. A dried and dessicated tongue, stitched into the cover of an old tome emanates power. He is quick to take it up and learn its secrets. Pressing on they battle another ancient, yet dead, snake from atop a bridge while half the party falls and takes up the battle from the ground. Welthan, enraged by all the bloody snakes leaps from the high bridge and slams his dual blades into the beast, bringing it crashing down. He lands softly and gives a smug look.
The next room holds the ill fated Medusa, she quickly draws weapons on the party and attempts to turn them to stone. The mirror shields work perfectly and protect the party from her gaze. In a matter of seconds the fury of the shadows has cut her down, and removed her head as evidence of the kill.
With no one wanting to touch the head, and already missing a few fingers, Valuken gouges his fingers into her eyes with his remaining thumb and pointer finger and drops her head in a bag. Proud as punch. The group, somewhat dismayed at the actions of their paladin, head back to the bank.

Back at the bank, Valybar and Pogrim are glad to see their foe dealt with. They now take the party seriously and hear them out in depth. Much discussion is had regarding the Illithids plans, the Radiant Shadows encounters and the Boddynocks heritage and history of Technum Maxima. Deep in conversation, a terrible roaring is heard from outside the bank. Quickly investigating, a small army stands before them. The bank rallies its defences and as the hoard charges, word is received about an intruder in the vaults.
Pogrim is summoned and told to take the party into the vaults to help defend the bank as the remaining forces are already spread thin. Quickly descending into the depths of the vaults, they find the place is in ruins. Someone is searching for the rod here, there can be no doubt. Rounding a corner, Drukt is seen atop a phase shifting spider while another ambushes the party from behind. A viscous and swirling melee breaks out, Drukt mistakenly lets on that there are other Illithid involved and even now his master heads to Technum Maxima. As the fighting and cursing continues, Valuken falls to a mistimed attack from Fen who also manages to kill a spider in the same blow, the ambushing spider cuts down the parties rear guard and it seems as though its a fight to the death. With two members unconscious Garius and Thea command such arcane force that little could withstand their might. With Thea, Garius and Welthan having grievously wounded Drukt, Fen beheads him and the fight is done. After a short while the party is back to full strength and healed.
Valybar, Gorim and the entire staff of the bank are extremely grateful of the work the Radiant Shadows have done in defending the bank and keeping it safe. As a result, they are given the contents of one of the vaults as their prize. They are also let in on a few technological secrets and are made Brethren of the bank. All now sporting tattoo’s showing their allegiance, the group can seek refuge in any bank bearing the mark of the Boddynocks. Although, Fen did have to get extremely drunk under peer pressure from Welthan in order to get the tattoo.

Given the piece of the rod of seven parts that the Boddynocks had guarded, Gorim and Valybar divulge information regarding Technum Maxima to the best of their knowledge to the party. Armed with the power source for a great weapon, the group kits up and heads for Technum Maxima.

Moradin, The Devourer
Bloody Zents

While enjoying a hard earned beverage at the Inn, discussing future plans, an incident occurs.

The night grew cold and the whispers on the wind were rife, surprisingly the bar doors were thrown open. A number of black clad men entered the room, hoods drawn up over their faces, approached the closest table and drag unsuspecting patrons from their seats. Unwaveringly and immediately they stabbed their victims in the heart and let their bodies fall. The rumoured killings along the coast had finally reached Phandalin, and it was happening right in front of the party. Immediately Fen leapt to action and the party followed. Some of the assasins fled, dragging their kills with them, heading for the forest. Garius, Fen, Welthan, and Thea get split as the group attempts to follow the scattering assassins. Cutting them down with ease and Welthan remarkably downing one with a dinner plate, they capture one for questioning. Meanwhile, a strange cloaked figure arrives at the inn and pays Toblen for the bloodshed that has happened on his premises. Terrified Toblen takes the blood gold and flees the tavern. The group confronts the powerful figure and find his name is Drukt, more concerningly, they discover is one of the rumoured Illithid. He vanishes into the night with some kind of teleportation.
Not wasting anytime, the lone remaining assassin is questioned and lets on that Halia has been the orchestrator of the atrocity that has just occurred. As the group leaves the tavern in pursuit of the escapees Halia’s trading post erupts into flames.

Tracking the assassins through the night, the party finds them hidden in an old bandit cave, long abandoned. Gaining entrance through a river filled cavern the group manages to slay their way through the caves, defeating blinkdogs and bandits alike. Eventually finding Halia holed up in the deepest part of the cave she fights valiantly against the group with her retinue of assassins and blinkdogs. With the fury of a small army the group manages to defeat her bodyguard unit and Halia surrenders in exchange for her collection of blood gold. On further questioning, they find Halia is a part of the Zentarim who have been orchestrating the killings along the coast, and a disturbing amount of blood gold she has acquired. Halia alone appeared to be the orchestrator of hundreds of deaths.
In exchange for her life she now offers the location of her handler and where she was to take the bodies. “The Temple of Moradin” was to be the drop point.

Heading out, the party steels themselves for a tough fight against a dragonborn acting as intermediary between Drukt and the Zentarim.

On the journey to the Temple of Moradin the party is attacked by a Hag while resting. She focuses on Garius, showing him dark and maddening visions of great demons rising from dark lakes. Garius catches glimpses of familiar faces in tortured screams amongst the dreams. Awakening from his nightmare the hag sits atop his chest clawing at his mind. Quickly the group attempts to remove her as she rips at his chest. Eventually she is downed and the party continue their rest, albeit somewhat shaken.

Morning comes and the party reach the temple by mid day. The wind is bitter and blows in great breaths across the plains. Plant life is dead around this old temple and Welthan notices not even the animals here make noise, if there are any at all. It appears to be devoid of life.
Entering through the main doors the party discovers an old room filled with church like pews and the room is surrounded by gargoyles holding bodies in various states of decay. Cautiously moving past them the party heads to the rear of the room and looks to move onwards. As they inspect a door the Gargoyles animate and attack. A short battle later and the party solves the door riddle and moves on.
What meets their eyes is disturbing. A large pit with blue coals and flame sits in the center of a small room, the pit is stacked high with what must be 30 bodies. Chanting over them is a dark clad Drukt. Rounding on the group he explains that these sacrifices will raise Moradin, The Devourer and he will scour the planet bringing about a darkness the like of which has never been seen. The Illithid will walk the surface again, and little can be done to stop what he and his kind are orchestrating. He immediately attacks.
The party summons their most powerful abilities and quickly wound him severely, teleporting away Bane runs in to aid his master, flanked by two gargoyles. Nearly spent, the party fight valiantly with these ferocious warriors.
Surrendering moments before unconsciousness, Bane reveals that he is a plant and double agent of the Emerald Enclave. He had been filtering information to a resistance movement. He offers his knowledge freely to the group in exchange for his life.
Finding in the back rooms, as Bane promised, were plans to do away with the one threat to the Illithid Machinations. The Illithid intend to find and destroy a great weapon within the depths of a lost mine called Technum Maxima. However, they need a piece of a mysterious artifact to do so. This artifact is known as “The rod of seven parts” and a piece of it resides in Boddynock Bank. Plans of a heist are laid out in various rooms of the church, it becomes clear that the party must go after this piece, and discover the weapon at Technum Maxima.

Gathering up what information they can find the party returns to Phandalin to resupply and heads for Boddynock Bank.

Wave Echo Cave

After a short recuperation period the party finds Gundren in town and heads out to Wave Echo Cave with map in hand.
Finding the cave unguarded, their first discovery was harrowing. Tharden Rockseeker, just inside the caves entrance is found dead. His body left to rot by someone who had recently entered the cave system. Gundren, clearly distraught at the loss of his brother, offers Thardens useful items to the party so they can continue on to vanquish The Black Spider. At this point Gundren cannot continue due to his grief. He takes Thardens body and returns to Phandalin to bury him.
As the party continues inside the mine they are met with wave after wave of foes, many who had lingered too long in the mine and gone insane. Wild beasts roamed the corridors after getting lost within the mines depths and attacked on site.

Eventually working their way through the labyrinth they come across a hall in which they discover Nezznar, The Black Spider. Attempting to negotiate a peaceful resolution to their conundrum, they sadly are unsuccessful and a fight breaks out. Nezznar is defeated and knocked unconscious. A second dwarf is quickly noticed in the room and claims to be Nundro, Gundrens brother. Suspicious of his claims, the party questions him intensely. Teh group suspects that he is not being truthful, and as soon as he senses this, he flees.
Chased down and dragged back to the main hall an imposter is discovered as a shapeshifter changes from looking like Nundro back to its amorphous self. The party does not tolerate its hostile intent and executes it as it tries to escape again. Meanwhile, Nezznar awakens and lashes out at Fen, throwing her from restraining him. Again, Nezznar is knocked unconscious as the party decides his fate. Believing that he is too big of a risk and with Welthans racial hatred, they decide to execute him. Oddly, before his death Nezznar speaks of buying favour with Illithid to avoid the coming darkness. The darkness that he mentions pricks the groups ears up and Nezznar divulges information about sacrifices to a demigod dragon, and that the Illithid intend to burn the surface world so they can emerge from the underdark and rule again under a sky of shadow and ash.

Once Nezznar is dealt with, the group continues to explore the mines. The true Nundro is found kept prisoner in a cell, and he requests escort back to his brother Gundren. The party are happy to comply and act as bodyguard for him throughout the rest of the mission.

At long last, the party finds the Spell Forge and summon Wizard to help examine its contents and potential. The group finds two weapons of fantastic quality and heritage amongst the ruins of the forge, and Wizard greatfully and overenthusiastically gets to work.

Triumphant the party returns with Nundro to Phandalin where he and his brother say goodbye to Tharden in a simple, humble and touching ceremony.

Relieved to see their friends reunited, the party return to Stonehill Inn for some well deserved R&R.
Things seem quiet for a time. A deal is truck between Gundren, Nundro and the party for joint returns on the mine. During the next week rumours grow with great speed at the number of sacrifices in towns increasing. The winds chill grows colder and strangers lurk about the town. The party can sense something is afoot, although they are not sure what.

Harbin Wester as a sign of gratitude for the parties efforts, gives them the ruined Transcendor Manor. The party immediately begin renovations of the crypts and basement area, fondly naming it “The Bat Cave”.

Thundertree, Dragons and Castles
How do you get a dragon to help you????

Approaching the ruins of Thundertree the group moves to a vantage point and looks to find the best way to move through the place unnoticed.
With a plan decided they move out and systematically clear building by building. Finding a boarded up house, they discover a druid named Reidoth hiding within. He is relieved but also concerned to see the party. He informs them that its best to avoid the local tower as a young dragon has taken up residence and is causing a few problems. He has also noticed a group of strange men dressed in religious garb moving around the town ship at night.
Reidoth gladly points out where Cragmaw castle is after they guarantee to deal with the religious fanatics holed up in the barracks. Reidoth returns to researching the strange plant life around Thundertree, he also mentions his order and the potential to join to Thea and Fen.

As the party moves silently around the town, a mist moves in and obscures their view of the tower. Reaching the barracks they negotiate their way inside and find these religious men are Cultists and are looking to buy favour with the dragon and recruit him to their “cause”. Their cause being to survive the coming Overdark being mongered by some Illithid.
Negotiations for the cultists to leave go south quickly and a close quarter fight breaks out. The party scrapes through, but decide to rest the night and tend to their wounds.

As morning rises the party begins their ascent up the slight hill to the base of the tower, intending to quietly slip in to the tower and its outhouse and discover the dragon, they cast rituals to quiet their footsteps.
All was not to go as planned however, as Valuken gets distracted by his clanking chainmail armour and the discovery of giant dead spiders. With glee he starts jumping on their corpses smashing his hammer against his shield shouting “DRAG-ON… DRAG-ON… DRAG-ON”, realising his impulsive behaviour and the scorn of his peers he quiets down and pretends to inspect the brickwork.
The dragon, now clearly aware of someones presence readies himself. The party enters through the back cottage adjoined to the tower and come face to face with Venomfang. Venomfang is quite the character, with monacle and hat and sitting atop his small hoard he intends to kill the party after finding their reason for intruding. Amazingly, the party convince Venomfang that if he assists them in storming a castle, it is his to keep. He agrees, and helps arm the group by giving them Hew, an ancient battleaxe.
As Venomfang flies to Cragmaw castle, Valuken returns and steals the dragons loot for his own. Risky business as anyone who knows a green dragon can tell you.

Meeting at Cragmaw castle a plan is formed with Venomfang and the party enter after setting a number of diversions. The castle is quickly stormed as goblins, orcs, hobgoblins and Gricks are cut down by the party, or burnt with acid by Venomfang.
The final room awaits and the leader of the Cragmaw tribe is alerted to the parties intrusion. He takes Gundrens unconscious body and holds a knife to his throat. The party enters his chambers cautiously and try to negotiate a truce, try to find the location of The Black Spider. While they get the leader to step aside from Gundrens body, they negotiations go badly and a fight breaks out. A fierce hound pesters the party while the Bugbear leader swings firecly at Valuken.
Suddenly, the party is aware there is second Welthan amongst them. Chaos breaks out as they try to find which one is the real Welthan and who the impostor is. Garius and Fen figure out friend from foe and slay a doppelganger with brutal efficiency. Thea and Valuken tend to Gundrens wounds and nurse him back to consciousness. He informs them his map is hidden under the bugbears mattress and he knows who and where the Spider is located.

The party is ambushed while trying to leave the castle, only to have Venomfang come to their rescue. He viciously tears apart the foes and takes his prize. The party head off swiftly.

After taking Gundren back to Phandalin to heal, the party learn that The Black Spider is a Drow named Nezznar and he intends to take the riches of the mine for himself. In fact, he is already there. Nezznar is also part of a criminal ring committing mass murder up and down the Sword Coast and is involved with rumours of a “Blood Gold”. Gundren also informs the party that his brothers are missing, and he fears that as they went ahead to the mine that Nezznar may have killed them already.
Moving out, the party heads to the mine to find Gundren’s family and to confront Nezznar in his hiding place.

Out across the plains… far from Phandalin… A darkness grows over the high ice and the wind turns bitter cold.

Redbrands, Orcs and Necromancers.
Which hook is the plot hook?

After an evening of frivolity (especially for Welthan as he spends the night with a priestess of Tymora), Thea and Welthan awake the next morning and prepare to head out to Thundertree.
Whilst heading out of Stonehill Inn they are confronted by a group of thugs in Red cloaks. Ordering them to leave town, the fight does not go well for the thugs as Thea and Welthan are joined in battle by three strangers, bolstering their numbers.

As the dust settles, the strangers introduce themselves as Garius, Fenbirith and Valuken. A deal is struck and they decide to handle the group of thugs together (at the request of Harbin Wester). With the help of a young boy from the town (Carp) they track the thugs (Redbrand Ruffians) to their hideout beneath the ruins of Transcendor Manor. Entering through a secret entrance the Bandits are utterly thwarted.
During the clearing of the Manor the Party cleverly disguised themselves as Redbrands and managed to talk their way into the leaders chambers. Narrowly avoiding a fight with some troublesome bugbears and a goblin Droop decides to tag along.
Glass staff, the leader of the bandits and servant of The Black Spider is none too happy about the intrusion into his quarters. A fight breaks out and again, the party is triumphant. Taking Glass Staff prisoner they escort him to town to face justice. Glass staff divulges that Gundren has been captured and taken to Cragmaw Castle, yet he does not not know where the castle is located. Gundren is to eventually be taken, with his map, to meet The Black Spider and likely be put to death.

At this point the party encounters the most unlikely of people, an odd Wizard who seems quite interested in the Party and helping their cause.

After a brief discussion and not wanting their friend to be endangered any longer than necessary the party ups the pace and heads out immediately, making for the town of Thundertree. Valuken leaves a note and disappears into the forests surrounding Phandalin.
The party finds rumour of a friendly old druid conducting research in Thundertree and he knows of the location of Cragmaw Castle. They intend to find him as swiftly as they can.
Along the way to Thundertree they notice an odd tower and taking a slight detour to investigate, encounter an oddly kind and good natured necromancer. They assist him by briefly solving one of his problems and learn of an ancient magical artifact called “The Rod of Seven Parts”.
Further along the path they spot away in old Wyverns nest movement that is most unusual, so much so that it warrants further investigation. Discovering a marauding band of Orcs and a Troll, the group acts cohesively as a battle unit for the first time. Attacks swirling and magic reverberating the stone hills around them, the Orcs are swiftly cut down. Garius shatters ears and minds with arcane power, Thea commands the winds of nature to hurl the enemy against the walls of the cave crushing a number of orcs, Welthans bow string sings and he swiftly falls a further few while Fen runs the largest of the foes through with her newly acquired gleaming, magical sword.
While the group recounts the battle and prepare their next move Valuken returns to the party out of the forest, his clanking armour giving him away well before he was visible. He mentions that he had to depart earlier to investigate something concerning his past.
As the group watches looks out at the view from the Wyverns nest (Wyvern Torr) they see off in the distance the ruins of Thundertree.
Resting for the night they plan to head out early next morning and find the Druid.

Flight to Phandalin
Well... Goblins...

Thea and Welthan are recruited by Gundren to escort some goods he intends to use in the discovery of Wave Echo Cave from Neverwinter to Phandalin.
Gundren and his friend Sildar Hallwinter ride out ahead.

As Thea and Welthan escort the cart of goods along the Triboar trail, they discover in a narrow gorge two dead horses. Ambushed by Goblins, they defeat them and track one who flee’s back through the scrub to a cave.
After a heated battle with bugbears, viscous giant hounds and numerous goblins, Thea and Welthan discover Gundren’s friend Sildar Hallwinter unconscious and prisoner of the Goblins. After negotiating his release they kill off the remaining Goblins and return to their cart and head to Phandalin.
In Phandalin they discover a number of issues:
- Gundren has been taken captive by the Redbrand Bandits and his location is unknown.
- Redbrands are causing trouble across the town.
- Sildar offers rewards for information leading to the Black Spiders capture (Mastermind of Gundrens capture, who is also searching for the Mine)
- A druid in Thundertree knows of the whereabouts of Gundren and the castle he is being held in.

The party rests for the night and prepares to move out the next day.


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