The Coming Darkness

Capture and the Fall of Friends

Sarris is... was... a butt

With the winds of destiny The Lady Jake rose from the depths of Technum Maxima as a great beast roared its challenge to the world.

Piloting their new machine, the party quickly discovers she holds a powerful arsenal of weapons and unleash it on the Destroyer of Worlds. After a fierce, albeit short, and brutal fight. Moradin the Devourer was slain.

While piqued and curious about some of their ships functions, the party makes good on their word and flies her straight back to Boddynock. There they find the true story of The Lady Jake and learn that it is, in fact, a large, tamed Mimic. The most ancient of its kind it took the form of a galleon as its final guise. Learning how to appease the creature, Fen with her history of sailing, communes with it. Striking an agreement and warning Welthan of rubbing himself against the deck, the monstrosity agrees to assist the party with their quests.

Flying on from Boddynock and back to Phandalin, the Radiant Shadows are met with great adulation from cheering crowds and old friends. Ever the philanthropist, Valuken attempts to have his “magical” dragon pelvis fabricated into a weapon. Wizard, understanding the truth of the matter, encourages him to continue with seeking someone powerful enough to craft it as required.

Celebrations kick off and the party settle back into the bat cave and spend some time recovering from the gruelling events of the past week when the most… unexpected occurs.

A retinue of armed Drow assassins moves through the darkness and one by one, as the party members find themselves alone, are poisoned and captured.

Awaking deep underground in a Drow outpost named Velkynvelve, the group quickly takes in their surroundings and size up their enemies.
Befriending fellow prisoners, they learn the nature of the way the base operates and where the most likely place their goods might be stored. Mid conversation, the lead of the captors with his steel masked face appears and makes it clear, in no uncertain terms, that he is not to be trifled with.
He grabs the closest and rowdiest prisoner, a hulking orc, and to prove his power, sacrifices him. Cruelly striking him down and feeding him to giant spiders, the Radiant Shadows see for the first time the true cruelty and brutality of the Drow. Welthan, most uncomfortable with his current situation, feels as though there is some familiarity about the Steel Masked Drow.

A disgruntled guard offers his help to the party when suddenly, strange flying beasts descend upon the outpost. Garius, the ever learning Wizard, recognises these beasts to be demons. As the fight intensifies between the Drow and the Demons, the party makes their move to escape. All successfully shed their bonds, except Valuken, who appears to have trouble with the locks and his missing fingers.

Slipping quietly through the facility the group is quick to find their equipment and fight off one of the priestesses of Lolth within her quarters. Garius, enraged at being captured sets everything flammable alight… Everything. The Steel masked stranger is still at large. The other prisoners, in sheer terror flee towards the south gate as quick as they are able. Emerging from the barracks the Radiant Shadows run head first into a small band of Drow Elite Warriors lead by the Steel Masked character.
As fighting breaks out, Welthan, driven by an old rage heads straight for the leader. Blighted by swarms of demonic locusts the party is forced to deal with the elite bodyguard unit before confronting their captor. Verocious fighting ensues as the party attempts to make their way towards their escape. Valuken attempts to wade in amongst a number of foes and is swiftly cut down by accurate strikes and succumbs to the potent Drow poison that coats their weapons. The group, frantic with seeing their Paladin cut down, attempt to make it to his aid. Sadly, Valuken bleeds out and the poison overcomes him before help arrives. His last breath passes as Garius warns Welthan of who the Steel masked man may be. Welthan now driven mad by his rage throws caution to the wind and charges. Cut down by magic forces he is swiftly revived by Thea.
With his guards defeated, Welthan grapples the stranger to the ground. Finally revealed to be Welthans cruel brother Sarris, he is questioned with regards to the whereabouts of their mother. Cursing Welthan and refusing to give up the information, his patience expires and Welthan beheads his brother.
All the while, the party searches for a means to raise Valuken. Fen, realising she has a bag of magic beans, places one in the mouth of Valuken and hopes beyond all hope that he arises. Alas, a fully grown fruit tree in full blossom appears out of his head. Not ones to be perturbed, the party bags the fruit as Drow reinforcements arrive, all of them Elite.
Fen collects Valukens body, Welthan gathers himself with the support of Garius and Thea and they flee for the Chasm floor. A Young Dwarven lady sacrifices herself to assist the party and hold off the guards as long as possible.
Finally reaching the floor of the cavern, the group heads off to the closest landmark. Shushar the Awakened, leads them into the darkeness and on towards The Dark Lake. Out of the shadows behind them a horn blares, and a booming, clearly Drow voice shouts after the party that they will be pursued and they will pay for cutting down their beloved Sarris… For the first time the Radiant Shadows are alone, they flee, and their fate is unknown.

Deep in the back of his mind, Garius feels a sense of foreboding. A sense that his visions bear some relevance to this turn of events… The unknown awaits all…



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