The Coming Darkness

The Race at Technum Maxima

Mindflayers need naps too.

On arrival at Technum Maxima the party realises that all is not well.

The main doors have been blasted apart and sit smouldering upon the ground. Small piles of ashes litter the exterior of the ruined complex and puts everyone on edge.

Once inside, their first encounter with a Modron occurs. He informs them that someone has already entered the mines ahead of them and is moving quickly through the gauntlet. Via a remote viewing spell, the party sees a powerful mindflayer, Zellix, fighting giant snails. As such the group wastes no time in diving head first through the doors and on into the unknown.

Battling giant flail snails and dour fae beasts the challenges are passed one by one. Fen takes on a level of madness believing she is the strongest of anyone in the party and can easily best any challenge of strength while Valuken licks a foul smelling fluid and finds himself suddenly buoyant and floating on the ceiling. Thinking their way through riddles the group takes a beating.

Moving on the group discovers an interesting warrior intent on letting none pass. He is swiftly dismembered and the party descends to the lowest levels of Technum Maxima.

Finding a swathe of bodies filling a large atrium the group moves cautiously on wards. After a short walk, they find their quarry, Zellix sitting cross legged infuriated with a logic puzzle. After attempting it themselves and look as though they will be successful, Zellix starts to stir and show signs of aggression. He lets slip to the group that they are too late to stop the rise of Moradin and he shall rejoice as the world burns, though the party wont be alive to see it.
Garius, slow to anger but quick to action… swiftly puts Zellix to sleep.

After solving the last puzzle in a long line of riddles. The party finally finds The Lady Jake.

An old pirate galleon sits dormant and in dry dock. With some swift thinking and careful observation of carvings within Technum Maxima, the group discovers how to operate the ship.
As it rises through an aged cavern, large doors open above the ship and she flies into the air for the first time in centuries. The party rejoices as they revel in their new found toy and a large Demilich Dragon rises from its grave a short distance away.
Moradin vows to kill all in his path and focuses on the ship… The party prepare for battle, Valuken is leashed to the side of the ship to prevent him floating away and the fate of the Faerun is in the hands of The Radiant Shadows…

Let Battle Begin.



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