Sildar Hallwinter

Phandalin Sheriff, Kind, Cautious


Sildar is a good friend of Gundrens and as one would expect from that relationship, he is kind, caring and thoughtful.

A talented fighter, he was once a member of The Lords Alliance and fought in many battles on their behalf. Fond of the group and thankful for their saving of his life, he is always keen to hear their thoughts before passing judgement or making a decision.

A lawful man, he does all he can to maintain the balance of peace and justice within his small town. All the while keeping a close eye on Harbin Wester, ensuring his greed does not result in harm to his beloved Phandalin and its people.

With great knowledge of the outside world and his strong belief in justice and law, he is a valued member of the community. Many look to him for aid and guidance during their tough times.



Once member of The Lords Alliance.
Has travelled wide and far through the Sword Coast area.

Other details unknown to the party at this time.

Sildar Hallwinter

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