Toblin Stonehill

Phandalin Stonehill Inn Owner, Timid, Trying to retire


This humble older gentleman has no fantastic story, he is the son of a fisherman who grew up along the coast. Migrating back and forth following the shoals of daggerfish so his family could make a meager living.
Following in his fathers footsteps early in life he now wishes only to run a homely inn and find a quiet place to retire. Phandalin is to be that place, and he has opened his very own Inn named after his family.

Neither here nor there about the goings on of late, Toblen remains thankful to the Radiant Shadows for their efforts and will always be quick to point out a lead, or paying work as he hears about them amongst his patrons.


As above, no more is known at this time.

Toblin Stonehill

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