The Coming Darkness

The Boddynock Bank Dilemma

Deciding to try and scope out the bank, the party heads to Boddynock Bank. At the very worst, the least they could do is let the Boddynocks know about Drukt and thwart his plans.

After a short and uneventful journey, they come across the gate keeper, Pogrim. He is dubious of their story and wild claims but thinks it has merit enough to warrant entry and discussion with the Commanders of the bank. Oddly, the party notices that the fields surrounding the bank are full of odd stone sculptures, as though people had been frozen in place.

Once inside, the nature of the bank becomes slightly clearer. Nefarious characters roam its halls along with the innocent and naive. Given the level of lethal security, it becomes obvious that the majority of the business here is clandestine and likely illegal. Either way the group enters and after a brief tour are met by Commanders Valybar and Gorim. They too are suspicious of the claims made and are about to dismiss it as mere hysteria when the Radiant Shadows offer to prove themselves to add credibility to their claims.
As it so happens, the Commanders have a small problem with a Medusa, hence the statues out the front and its proving bad for business. Giving the party Mirror Shields, their latest invention, they head out to the Fetid Swamp nearby to vanquish this foe.

Along the way the party is besieged on all sides by swarms of poisonous snakes and tremendous constrictors. Not easily put off, they fight their way to an old run down well (an old chimney) leading into a sunken and corrupted church. Once inside they knew they were hot on the trail with more statues littering the building. Some statues of adventurers fleeing, others in preparation for battle and some in their final moments of life after being mortally wounded. Pressing on, the stairs give way beneath their feet and forces the Radiant Shadows into a pit of acid. Scrambling out, they carefully pick their way through more statues to find that hidden amongst them are gargoyles. Again, beset on all sides the party fights for their life. Triumphant, Valuken looks to loot the area and gain reward for their efforts. Rushing forward and ahead of the group he seizes an ancient hammer and becomes frozen in place. Rapidly turning to stone Garius valiantly cuts off the afflicted appendages in time to save Valukens life. Albeit, a life with 3 fingers less.
Some further exploration turns up a library filled with old tomes and one in particular catches Garius’ eye. A dried and dessicated tongue, stitched into the cover of an old tome emanates power. He is quick to take it up and learn its secrets. Pressing on they battle another ancient, yet dead, snake from atop a bridge while half the party falls and takes up the battle from the ground. Welthan, enraged by all the bloody snakes leaps from the high bridge and slams his dual blades into the beast, bringing it crashing down. He lands softly and gives a smug look.
The next room holds the ill fated Medusa, she quickly draws weapons on the party and attempts to turn them to stone. The mirror shields work perfectly and protect the party from her gaze. In a matter of seconds the fury of the shadows has cut her down, and removed her head as evidence of the kill.
With no one wanting to touch the head, and already missing a few fingers, Valuken gouges his fingers into her eyes with his remaining thumb and pointer finger and drops her head in a bag. Proud as punch. The group, somewhat dismayed at the actions of their paladin, head back to the bank.

Back at the bank, Valybar and Pogrim are glad to see their foe dealt with. They now take the party seriously and hear them out in depth. Much discussion is had regarding the Illithids plans, the Radiant Shadows encounters and the Boddynocks heritage and history of Technum Maxima. Deep in conversation, a terrible roaring is heard from outside the bank. Quickly investigating, a small army stands before them. The bank rallies its defences and as the hoard charges, word is received about an intruder in the vaults.
Pogrim is summoned and told to take the party into the vaults to help defend the bank as the remaining forces are already spread thin. Quickly descending into the depths of the vaults, they find the place is in ruins. Someone is searching for the rod here, there can be no doubt. Rounding a corner, Drukt is seen atop a phase shifting spider while another ambushes the party from behind. A viscous and swirling melee breaks out, Drukt mistakenly lets on that there are other Illithid involved and even now his master heads to Technum Maxima. As the fighting and cursing continues, Valuken falls to a mistimed attack from Fen who also manages to kill a spider in the same blow, the ambushing spider cuts down the parties rear guard and it seems as though its a fight to the death. With two members unconscious Garius and Thea command such arcane force that little could withstand their might. With Thea, Garius and Welthan having grievously wounded Drukt, Fen beheads him and the fight is done. After a short while the party is back to full strength and healed.
Valybar, Gorim and the entire staff of the bank are extremely grateful of the work the Radiant Shadows have done in defending the bank and keeping it safe. As a result, they are given the contents of one of the vaults as their prize. They are also let in on a few technological secrets and are made Brethren of the bank. All now sporting tattoo’s showing their allegiance, the group can seek refuge in any bank bearing the mark of the Boddynocks. Although, Fen did have to get extremely drunk under peer pressure from Welthan in order to get the tattoo.

Given the piece of the rod of seven parts that the Boddynocks had guarded, Gorim and Valybar divulge information regarding Technum Maxima to the best of their knowledge to the party. Armed with the power source for a great weapon, the group kits up and heads for Technum Maxima.



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